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Avicene offers a wide range of professional IT services, specifically designed with the goal of fulfilling one major objective : achieving customer satisfaction.

Software Engineering, Architecture Design, Project Management Consulting, Feasibilty studies, IT recruitment...are part of our Service offer. We assist our clients and deliver the right solutions, bringing added value to increase the Information Systems reliability and performances.

Software Engineering
Software Engineering is our core business. We help our clients with their IT project development lifecycle at every stage. We can work with the two "classical" assistance type of services : time-based missions and internal custom development.

Our teams combine business knowledge with deep software development skills , allowing us to help our client on both functional and technical levels. We can operate within a particular project phase for a specific task, or take in charge the whole project development lifecycle, from business and functional analysis to application development, integration and deployment.

Architecture Design
Taking advantage of their extensive background in designing business critical information systems architecture in highly demanding environments, our IT architecture consultants team has built a unique experience, mainly with SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

SOA is an architectural style of building software applications that promote loose coupling between components, that stress interoperability and location transparancy.
  • Services are software components that have published contracts and/or interfaces; these are platform-, programming language-, and operating system independant. XML and SOAP are the enabling technologies for SOA
  • Consumer can dynamically discover services
  • Services are interoperable
In most organizations, J2EE and .NET applications coexist to form heterogeneous system architecture. SOA offers a clear solution to these application integration issues by allowing systems to expose their functionality via standardized, interoperable interfaces.

Using SOA offers several key advantages like :
  • Adapt applications to changing technologies
  • Easily integrate applications with other systems
  • Leverage existing investments in legacy applications
  • Quickly and easily create a business process from existing services
We can help you enhance your information system performances, availability and reliability through the design of a appropriate architecture. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information

Feasibility Studies & Proof of concepts validation
Avicene Consulting Services offers a dedicated technology validation service to its customer.
The R&D unit is continuously assessing and validating emerging technologies, libraries and open source community projects, allowing us to have a maximum exposure to the latest technology evolutions. This helped us in building a considerable knowledge base of the current and future market technologies.

Taking advantage of this knowledge library, Avicene Consulting Services is the adequate partner to support you in the choice of a technology investment. We can effectively help you making the right technology choice, to maximize project development efficiency and software performances, improve cost reduction and increase the long term profitability of your information system.

Our methodology is based on the following phases:
  • Requirements Analysis : assessment of your technical environment and project business objectives
  • Technology investigation and validation : elaboration of a list of suggestions to achieve the objectives, in terms of technology, methodology and tools
  • Feasibility study : realisation of a proof of concept, in order to validate the technological choices. 

Project Management Consulting
Our team has a strong competency in Project Management Consulting, and is dedicated to optimize business and project performance through project management initiatives and the application of best practices and adapted methodology.

After an assessment of your existing environment and project management methodology, we realize a list of suggested improvements, adapted to your organization size and specific characteristics, and help you in implementing these changes in terms of project definition, methodology,  planning and follow-up, Quality Assurance and Test Management, Risk management, etc...

With its Project Management Consulting service, Avicene Consulting Services will help you in reconciliating the two conflicting aspects of projects : the need for speed in project development and delivery, and the need to deliver high-quality and reliable solutions to the customer.

IT Recruitment

Recruiting good people helps growing the business, increase efficiency and raising company performances. It is also a very demanding task, specifically when it comes to recruitment IT Professionals.

Avicene Consulting Services offers a dedicated IT recruitment service. We analyse with you your exact expectations and specific requirements to clearly understand your needs and propose you the IT professional you are looking for .

Taking advantage of its numerous connections in the IT world and considerable and updated CV database, Avicene Consulting Services will help you in finding the right resource for your company.